The famous COVID 19

Okay… This COVID-19 virus seems to be having a blast all over the world. Traveling for free from person to person, country to country, causing lockdowns here and there.

When China first announced COVID-19, I heard the news when a colleague at work was making a fuss about it. So I said, it’s just another type of flu, it shall pass. I didn’t realise that it soon would arrive in Indonesia safe and sound, and by today 790 people are tested positive, 58 died because of it, while 31 managed to smack down the deadly virus. The impact of COVID-19 all over the world leads to a call for a Work from Home, famously known as WFH. The aim is to keep us safe while stopping the virus to spread. If you are infected, staying in the confinement of your own cocoon shall hinder you from infecting others. If you are not infected yet, staying at home will hinder you from catching it from carriers.

Look at that jump by Juan Miguel Echevarria

“Thou shall distance yourself from one another, or thou shall welcome the infestation of coronavirus in your body”. Social distance, that’s the catchphrase, hence work from home is, in my opinion, one form of professional social distancing. I am in favour of social distance at a time like this as it hinders COVID-19 from jumping around from one person to another because that virus is not as athletic as Juan Miguel Echevarria who jumped 8.83m long and is now the holder of Long Jump world record. COVID-19 according to WHO travels through droplets from a cough or sneeze of a carrier. Realistically when you cough or sneeze your droplets can’t spurt more than 2 meters long, right? My hope was, by working from home, though I found working from a cafe much more productive than working from home, I contribute to the stoppage of the virus. Little did I know that it contributes to my insanity more than my contribution to slowing down its spread. I believe I was hallucinating back then.

Day 1 of working from on the 17th of March, I had 12 back to back calls from 8.00 AM until 10.30 PM. I never thought I have the endurance to yap more than 12 hours long, I feel I was worst than a Chihuahua.

Day 2 of working from home, the number of calls increased. By 10.00 PM I started crying for no reason. I assessed myself to understand why I cried. I literally was talking to myself and found that I miss the interaction I have with my team, employees in general and those who are closest to me.

Day 3 of working from home, I had a fever I thought shit… I might have been infected by COVID-19! That’s why on day 4 I had myself checked and confirmed by the doctor that I have TYPHOID againnnnnn! Good thing (is it?) the hospital was full. I am on antibiotics.

So here I am at 1.40 AM (yes AM as in somewhat in the middle of the night), on my 8th day of WFH I suffer from Acute Boredom and Typhoid. God please help this nation to quickly bounce and fight the virus. God please just take the virus away, we have enough humans behaving like virus, we don’t need real viruses.

Gita Djambek is a co-blogging between my daughter, Aya and myself. This is where we share our thoughts about each other's thoughts as well as our individual thoughts. We hope readers can be entertained as well as gaining insights from us.

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