Guru Bahasa Inggris saya dulu pernah bilang begini, “Gita, bring a note pad where ever you go because whenever you have an idea you must jot it down. The first few words of your idea will soon produce a sentence. The sentence will become sentences that make up a paragraph. And before you know it, you produce a piece of writing you can call your own.”

So here it is, tulisan pertama saya yang memuat perjalanan selama 10 hari ke Moscow, Murmansk dan Saint Petersburg, Russia. Perjalanan hasil encouragement anak-anak yang kasian liat kehidupan ibunya yang nyaris gak ada kehidupan lain selain kerja dan ngurus mereka serta peliharaan berkaki empat penghuni rumah yang kami namakan The Pentagon.

From Russia with Love is the beginning of the new upgraded version of me. Enjoy…!

Gita Djambek is a co-blogging between my daughter, Aya and myself. This is where we share our thoughts about each other's thoughts as well as our individual thoughts. We hope readers can be entertained as well as gaining insights from us.

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